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攝影師 溏威 / Constan Lin
















國際海外婚紗、婚禮合作飯店東方文華、皇家薇庭、寒舍艾美、萬豪、W HOTEL、3M、Nu Skin、NIKE、Microsoft、科技部、可口可樂、BMW、Google、北科大、北醫鴻海 等各類教育訓練論壇、主管獎勵表揚、員工創意活動、尾牙、業務表揚、高爾夫獎勵、科技論壇高層、合併簽屬會議 行銷企劃&活動拍攝 




本人於2017-2021年 國際攝影比賽 分別於美國WPPI 美國IPA 歐洲WPE 英國LICC 日本TIFA 香港AWPA 榮獲亞軍、銀牌、銅牌、卓越獎、創意獎等,共計37面獎牌




榮獲 2020 歐洲 WPE 國際攝影比賽


WPE International Photographers Europe Community 2020




榮獲 2019美國WPPI國際婚禮人像攝影比賽


WPPI First Half Competition 2019( Wedding and Portrait Photographers International)


於婚禮紀錄類 榮獲銀牌獎Silver Award


榮獲 2019 香港 AWPA 國際攝影獎 


AWPA International Competitions 2019 


分別在婚紗&婚禮&人像&創意等三個領域拿下 5面卓越獎 (Excellence Award) 


Bride & Groom Together(Creative)、Wedding Details、Portrait (Creative) 



榮獲 美國WPPI國際婚禮人像攝影比賽


WPPI Second Half Competition 2018( Wedding and Portrait Photographers International)


分別於 婚紗類&創意流行類 榮獲 亞軍2nd Place Award & 兩項銀牌獎Silver Award


榮獲 美國IPA2017-2018國際攝影獎 


IPA International Photography Awards 2017 


分別於 婚禮組&創意組 獲得亞軍2nd Place Awards及三面榮譽獎(Honorable Mention) 


榮獲 日本2018東京國際攝影獎 


TIFA The Tokyo International Foto Awards 


於婚禮情境組 獲得銀牌亞軍(Sliver Awards) 


榮獲 英國倫敦LICC2017 國際攝影獎 


LICC London Creative Awards 2017 




榮獲 2017-2018 香港 AWPA 國際攝影獎 


AWPA International Competitions 2017-2018 


分別在婚紗&婚禮&人像&創意等四個領域拿下 2面年度銅牌獎及10面卓越獎 (Excellence Award) 


Bride & Groom Together、Bride or Groom Single、Portrait (Classic)、Portrait (Creative) 






-LINE ID:constantinelin (歡迎加LINE詢問檔期)




(或搜尋Constan lin 或





My name is Lin Jen Wei, Married and i have 3 beautiful kids, i have my own photography studio, Constan Image Studio. I live in Taiwan


I have 15 years of photography experience. I started photography when i was in college, i noticed that im creative in photography i have to see the beauty. Now i feel really blessed because my hobby is my profession


I specialize in romantic, artistics wedding portraiture photography with the hint of modernity i also captures family portraits, pregnant women and baby. I love to take a pictures of people and im very friendly with them . Picking up a camera gives me an opportunity to capture a specific vision to share with others. Ultimately, a well captured image represents a moment in time that is expressed infinitely, and thats enough of a reason for me to hang a camera around my shoulder whenever i go.


My mission is to exceed customer expectations by delivering excellent quality service in capturing unforgettable moments and preserving memories of a life time.


Our vision CONSTAN IMAGE STUDIO is a pillar in its industry trough innovation, expansion , and global competitiveness.


If you want to know more dont hesitate to contact me. I would be glad to tell you.


Awards and prize i have won


WPE PRE-Wedding & Portrait and Maternity Photographers International 2020 6 pcs Sliver AWARD


WPPI Wedding and Portrait Photographers International 2018-2019 2nd Place AWARD and Sliver AWARD


IPA International Photography Awards 2017-2018 Won 2nd Place AWARD and three awards of Honorable Mention AWARD.


LICC London Creative Awards 2017 Won SHORTLIST AWARD.


AWPA International Competitions 2017-2018 Won two awards of Annual Bronze Award & Ten awards of Excellence Award.




NIKON D5 D4(專業旗艦機)


NIKON 14-24mm F2.8


NIKON 24-70mm F2.8


NIKON 70-200mm F2.8


NIKON 24mm F1.4G


NIKON 50mm F1.4G


NIKON 85mm F1.4G




Sandisk Extreme 64GB*10


Profoto B10 & Elinchrom D-LITE 4 IT 專業棚燈組